Skills For Expanding eLearning Capabilities?

I'm interested in doing more with eLearning development tools. I know that Javascript allows for a lot of flexibility and expansion of the platforms (Storyline, Captivate, etc.) Are there other ways that I can get more out of the platforms or other languages or technical skills I can work on to increase my ability to develop better eLearning courses?

Thanks you.

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Nicole Legault

Hey Brian...

Good for you for wanting to branch out and expand your skill set and knowledge base! That is commendable :)

How are your skills with all the types of variables or creating more complex interactions right now, with a lot of conditional triggers? 

Can you create math problems or add a running total of points with variables?

Have you ever heard of the trick that lets you toggle a true/false variable in Storyline?

Here's a way to test your capabilities doing more complex things... try building a "memory" card game where you have to pick 2 matching cards... that will test your capabilities! At least it did mine ;) 

Bob S

Hi Brian,

How are your media creation skills? 

This is an area that many of us can benefit from improving upon. This includes learning to how to record more professional sounding audio, taking a lighting course for shooting improved video, brushing up on our photo editing chops, or mastering simple animation tools, et al. Improving the richness of the media we use in courses is a great way to take things to the next level.

Hope this helps!