SL 2 glossary (inspired by Gabrielle S.)

Apr 27, 2018

Gabrielle Schofield posted a great Minimalist Glossary for Storyline 360. I'm using SL 2, so decided to try my own.

Here's a two-slide demo.

  • Slide 1 is just a button to display the glossary.
  • Slide 2 is the glossary, which is lightboxed over Slide 1.

The glossary slide has a base layer (with the alphabet buttons) and in theory one layer per letter - though in this example I only created layers A through E.

Each layer has a scrolling panel. The panel contains an auto-resize text box on a colored background. Through trial and error, I learned that if the text box is shorter than the scrolling panel (as with letter D in my example) you don't see the scroll bar in the scrolling panel.

For additional layers:

  • Copy the layer for an existing letter. Paste and rename it.
  • Select the new layer. Edit the text on the text box.
  • Select the base layer. Add a trigger: when letter F (or whatever) is clicked, lightbox slide F.

If you don't have any glossary terms for a letter, set its default state to disabled, as I've done with F and X.


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