SL2 Animation and Graphics - the StoryLion is back!!!!!

Nov 13, 2014

OK...I know that his fan base has missed him, so - the StoryLion is back!

He's been busy learning Storyline 2 and has created a short course on the new animation and visual/animation/graphics features.

He's got help from Wanda the Panda, a chameleon and a load of new friends - so go and have a look, and learn LOADS!  (?...maybe). or launch the silliness from his own page at

He even sings some "Rush" for his friend Daniel Brigham, and I did ask him to remove the "Blooper Reel", but he insisted in keeping it there. Can you find it?

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Bruce Graham

@Adele :)

It's often the "playing" where we get the most enjoyment in this job. It's funny - I ran a course last week where they specifically wanted to see "animations" and "how far you can push SL".

A lot of the course consisted of dissecting StoryLion (figure of speech lions or other cartoon characters were hurt during the production of this workshop...), and looking at how Phil Mayor created his "Periodic Table" showpiece.

Once in a while you then get a client who requests something "different", and we get to play and get paid for it. That's the kind of commission I really like getting.

Adele Sommers

Wonderful! Yes, Bruce, I agree with you and Jeff -- there's nothing like being asked by a client to incorporate fun and whimsy into a production. We know this line of work is something we love to do because we would create these things for free just to express the creative side of our nature! :-)

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