SL2 Drag n' Drop Mortar Math Game: "Deadly" Fun!

ELH Challenge #71 got me up late building this course which you can view on the challenge thread or my blog post. In this discussion, I wanted to give a little behind-the-scene peek at the building of the interaction.  The most labor intensive work here (at least for me) was the design and vector work. 

First, the PowerPoint shapes:


Humvee ApartHumvee Finished

Camel Trace in PowerPoint

Camel Trace


Second,  I built a trace of General S. Patton (well, the best I could do in a hurry) and 3D rendering of the mortar:

The General (obviously a ton of detail missing but, you get the point)

General S. Patton trace


3D Mortarmortar finished


Well I hope this helps anyone come up with other creative ways to animate their content in SL2.  Get creative, get "dangerous".

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