SL2 - Is it possible to hide the Submit button after user clicks to submit answers and feedback is displaying?


I wanted to have two triggers for the same button, but it doesn't seem to work.

I want the Submit button to submit the answer for the interaction (first trigger), and I want to hide the Submit button when the user clicks Submit (second trigger). This is because when the feedback displays, the Continue button is slightly above the Submit button, and I find that confusing--even though it should be obvious that Continue is the correct choice. I can move the position of the Submit button, but it's not a good solution.

I do not wish to use the Submit button in the player.

I set up both triggers, but the one to hide the button after it's clicked is not working.




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Janet Bernhards

Hi Wendy,

Sadly, I'm not allowed to upload my work file, but I recreated my two slides in a new 'generic' file and............. I didn't have the problem!!!!  Either the feedback covered the button, the button went away on its own, or you can really have two triggers. I think it's the latter. (I'm going to try moving the Submit button around to different positions to make sure it wasn't covered.)

My custom setup is only not using "Submit" in the player that's the default with the quiz question layout. I put a Submit button on the screen and deactivated the one in the player for that slide.

So.... this tells me I can do what I wanted, but that I've probably just made a silly mistake somewhere in my 'real' file. Argh.

Next time, I'll recreate my issue in a new file before posting. :-)  That way I can check myself... and I'll have something to post as well.  I'm stashing that as a lesson learned.

Thanks for your reply.



Janet Bernhards

I will.... and soon, because I found that I created a new problem by having my two triggers. It works well if the learner chooses an answer and then clicks Submit. However, If the user clicks Submit without answering the question,  the Submit button then disappears.... they have no way of submitting an answer. So, I'll post a file later on.

Janet Bernhards

Hi Wendy,

That's it! My first question was a true/false. I added a condition that radio button 1 was selected, and a second condition that started with OR  radio button 2 was selected. I can see how to do this for multiple choice questions--just more "OR" conditions. I haven't dealt yet with my quiz question that is a choose all that apply....I haven't done one of those before and I'm going to have to think about that one--both for feedback and how to do the conditions. I think I'll wait until tomorrow when I'm more alert.

Hmmm seems to me you've answered one of my other questions, one about rollover definitions and putting a transparent shape over the word/acronym, which I used. You're 2 for 2 Wendy! Thanks for putting me on the right path.


Janet Bernhards

Hi again!

I put in all of the conditions for my other two quiz questions and did a preview...... oops. Back to the drawing board. The new problem I created was that if the learner wants to go back and take the quiz again, there is no Submit button.

Maybe I'll just have to assume my learners are smart, and they'll know to press the Continue button, even if Submit is showing. And I think I'll move it to decrease the chances of that happening. I was more concerned about them clicking it by accident, as both are centered. (You're still 2 for 2--it was the answer I was looking for initially :-)   )