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Julie Stelter

Hi John,

If the videos are inserted into storyline, match the timeline to the length of the video. Then set a variable to be true when the timeline reaches the end (or maybe a second before the end). There should be 4 variables set to true at the end of each layer's timeline. Then set a 5th variable to be true if all other variables are true. Change the state of the next button to normal when the 5th variable is true. Don't allow video scrubbing.



Surya Koduri

Here is my example. (see the attached). My approch is slightly different from Julie. I'v set up 4 variables (L1,2,3 and 4) which will be altered to true when timeline on the corresponding layer starts. Each layer will be showed after the timeline on the base layer reaches to 5 second increments. You can set this up to the length of your videos.

I've set up condition on the next button to show if any of the variable is false. (error layer)- This will show the error message when user clicks on the next button.

The second condtion is all variables are true---> progress to next slide.

Please make sure the layer properties for the error layer shows the base layer and also do not pause the timeline on the base layer.

I've set up the exit animation for the error layer objects, so they get out of the way when the message is displayed.