Slide Items incomplete or missing after publishing


We have been coming across this issue in Presenter and wanted to know the solution.
Just for your information , we are using Powerpoint 2003 for development with Articulate '09.

We published a presentation after inserting text, images, callouts, arrows etc. While viewing the output we observed that some elements on the slide are either incomplete or missing completely.

But suprisingly, when we clicked the slider controls while the slide was playing, all items appeared normally thereafter.

What is happening here? Has anyone come across this problem before?

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Stephanie Diaz

I have come across this as well (using Studio '09 and 2007) and I will add two additional issues:

  1. I have encountered a problem with objects on the slide - not even close to the edge of the slide - that are cut off in the published file. 
  2. Not all animation schemes work well in the published file, or one item in the scheme will be "off."  For instance, I had one slide with a SmartArt Vertical Block list that I ungrouped; I animated each level 2 block as peek in from left on click and timed my audio so each level 2 block animates with the speaker.  In the list of five blocks, all but the fifth animated correctly; the last one only came halfway out.

Any ideas why these things would happen?


Cassie Breeggemann

I am also experiencing a similar issue.  I noticed however before I grouped the entire slide there were no issues with the top bullets coming in and after I grouped everything together is when my top bullet was consistently missing.  You might consider trying to ungroup the objects on the slide and see if that helps, it worked for me.