Slide Layouts

Hi All,

I was just wondering if anyone has a set of layouts they set up when developing a course. I don't mean the graphic design side, just the place holder layouts that you would then apply different designs to. For example:

  • Title Page
  • Heading + Content
  • Media + Content 
  • Tabs
  • etc

I'm looking at getting a quote from a graphic designer to develop templates for me but I don't have a consistent set of layout that i use.... I'm more a develop as I need it type of girl

Does anyone have a set of powerpoints they use that show the different layouts options? The pre-built powerpoint templates don't really cover things like tab layouts, feedback slides ect. I would greatly appreciate not having to put one together!!!

Thanks in advance!


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Saenna B Ahman

hi Kat, are you just looking for a list of slide types that you could or might want to design for a given course? THe reason i ask is,  i think you would not want to automaticly develop all sorts of actual slide layouts for every course, but rather  take things on a case-by-case basis, no? because not all courses will necessarily require the same content. 

Even things like tab interactions might look drasticly different depending on the course content , i think, if you are using Storyline. I guess if you are using Engage it is more templated and therefore you might want to define things like standard colors, tab width, and such.

that said i could definitely see value in having a list of possible layouts that would be important to consider each time you build a course, and then when you are beginning to make a prototype, you could consult that list to determine which slide layouts would be most useful to consider building. 

To your list above i would add:

  • Commonly used question types (for example in my organization we almost ALWAYS have multiple choice questions and muyltiple response questions, often fill in the blank type questions too. And we often use a sort of customized loook for them. (Other question types though, we don't use very often)
  • Result slide layouts, for quizzes
  • A layout for "credits" such as - who contributed to the course (SMEs, authors, narrators etc.) - since we typically use all in-house talent)
  • Also i am not a big fan of "how-to-navigate" screens, but some organizations are, so if that's something your company uses, that might be a good one to add to the standard list as well.