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Saenna B Ahman

hello kamal,

i am just wondering: why so many slides?? That is REALLY long for a quiz!! As a learner, i cannot imagine having to make my way through that many questions! I don't kno w if Quizmaker has an "official" limit, but even if it's technically possible to have that many questions, I would advise against it from a learning point of view. Can you break up the quiz into smaller pieces?

Kamal Hines

I agree with all of the above.....

But the kind of quiz i want is for students who normally sit a exam of about 60 questions and have a hour to complete it.

So what i want to do is to create a bank of 2000 are more questions then randomly select 60 out of it.

So i am just wondering if Articulate would have any issue handling so many slides.