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Hi all,

I'm currently working with a client who wants to be able to see how many times each slide of a project has been viewed. The project (being built in storyline 3) has multiple routes a user can take based upon their decisions on each slide, so the idea is they want to monitor which routes are the most popular. 

They're not wanting to use an LMS, it's just sitting on a webpage. Is there anyway I can sit a simple counter on each slide or any other way to get a sense of how many times something has been viewed? 




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Richard Watson


Just thinking out loud here... Have you tried setting up a variable for each slide that increments by 1 each time the timeline starts on that slide?  Of course, the information stored in variables is temporary but if you setup a slide and included references to those variables, you could check during a session (before browser is closed) to see counts. Of course, if you had tons of slides, this could result in a lot of work.


Dan Flanders

Hi Richard, 

Thanks for your reply. I'm not entirely clear on what you mean, but are you saying that views would need to be counted whilst users are in session? The problem with that is, this is being designed for people to access in their own time rather than set sessions. Each slide has a video on it, followed by a multiple choice question. Depending which answer they choose, it will then take them to the next video in the series. 

Potentially I could look at access requests server side for each video clip but I wanted to know if there was anything more simple I could do within storyline. 

To give you an idea of the scale of the project, there will be approx 60 video clips, 120 different routes and around 21 possible final outcomes. 



Mike Stewart

I just had a quick look at this as I was thinking that you could use the "Send email to...." trigger to email the variables you've used for counting the views.  Unfortunately it seems that SL can't do this with email.  But, something may be possible with JavaScript .... take a look at: