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I am having trouble with the slider. I downloaded a template to try and make it fit my time line but I cannot seem to get it to work. What I need is every time the slider is moved to a different year, the corresponding layer would show. I want it to be that the slider cannot be moved back after it has already visited one. Any help?

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Paul Pirkelbauer

Hi Vanessa

Are you sure you need to solve this problem with a slider? An easier way to do this would be registering a trigger on each year showing the corresponding layer on click. Then, when you click the next year, you set the state of the previous year to "disabled". This way you prevent the learner from "going back in time" ;)

Let me know if you need any more help.

Regards, Paul

Dave Cox

Hi Vanessa,

It sounds to me like you can do what you want with the standard slide layout. Instead of putting each item on your timeline on a layer, put them each on a different slide. As you navigate down your timeline, you can navigate from one slide to the next, and update the image of your timeline. If you are using your slider for your navigation, just add hotspots on your timeline to move to the next slide. Disable or hide the back (and maybe the next) button to prevent users from using it to navigate, and only allow navigation from your custom control.

Nancy Woinoski

I took a look at your file and you don't actually have a slider set up - so I agree with Paul on this one. Instead of adding a slider I would put a trigger to each year to show the layer when clicked.

There are a couple of  issues with using sliders for something like this. One, it is difficult to get the slider steps aligned with the dates on your timeline. There is a lot of trial and error before they are aligned and two, sliders are designed to move back and forth it is not straight forward to disable the backward movement.

I have made a few modifications to your project file to show you how to use the triggers and states instead. I have done the first 3 years for you. Take a look at the states for each of these. You will see I created a disabled state by duplicating the custom chosen state. I then added two triggers to each year. One to show the layer when clicked and one to change the state of the year to disabled once clicked. 

You don't actually need the chosen states for the years but I have left them for now.