slider interaction

May 17, 2019

Hey guys,

one question regarding my little paper clip example.

Is it possible to avoid that the two paper clips are at the same position (for example when value slider one is 10 and value slider two is 0)?

And is it possible that one paper clip can't over jump the other paper clip? So for example if the value of paper clip one is 7, then the value of paper clip 2 can't get higher than value 2?



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David Anderson

Hi Fiedel -

I made some updates to your file. 

I deleted your second slider since it was rotated 180 degrees. I found it easier to duplicate Slider 1 and adjust the starting position at 10.

Next, I added 2 triggers to subtract or add the value from a slider when both sliders equal one another. That will keep the sliders from overlapping.

And finally, I shortened the width of each slider so adjust their end points.

Let me know what you think.

Fiedel Laurenz

Hi David,

Thank you so much!

I have two more questions:

1) Could you may show me what I have to do when I want to have 4 paper clips in this example? Also the same conditions, that you cannot overjump another clip?


2) I have another example where I want to create a slider interaction. when you check my file, you will find it at slide 2.

I used motion path to show you what the learner should be able to do: He/she should be able to move the red rectangle and find the perfect position and should also be able to move both green rectangles along the red rectangle to find their best position on it.

Do you have any solution for that?

Thanks in advance!