Slider thumb misplaced on revist

I am working on a slide that involves multiple layers and two sliders on every layer. The sliders move the graph up and down and left and right in a coordinate plane (currently I have only programmed this for x=1 to 5 and y=1 to 5). This process seems to be working smoothly except when I revisit a layer the thumb of the sliders are misplaced. It is not an issue with the variable controlling the slider being incorrect, I have checked that. Also, I have looked at and made sure I have the latest version of Storyline 2 (update 7). This did not fix the issue. I have also tried both "reset to initial state" and "resume saved state" upon revisiting the layers and this did not fix things either. I am attaching my story file. If anyone has any ideas I would be extremely happy! Thanks.

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Jason Reed

Hi Celeste,

I wasn't quite sure how to interpret your data, but one solution to try would be a trigger on each layer that says something along the lines of: When timeline starts, set slider to 4 (or whichever position it should be in).

If you did this for each layer, when you revisit the layer, this should fix the issue.

Let me know how you go.