Sliders playing up (and down)

Hi everyone!

I'm making a VDU course at the moment and am having some difficulty with a slider interaction.

The slider has 3 positions it can move to and is used to change an image of a monitor which has 3 different states.

The problem I have is that the image of the monitor blinks when it changes between states as the slider moves. I have other, similar interactions that work fine and seem identical when I compare the design/variables tabs of each.

I'd love to hear from you guys if you have had a similar problem or know a solution.

Tim :)

(before anyone asks, everything is locked down in my organisation so I won't be able to upload files, ect)


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Steve Flowers

Hi Tim -

I'm assuming you're using a variable listener and states for the visual state change?

  • Slider moves: Variable (number) changes
  • When variable changes, monitor changes state to X if variable = Y.

If you're getting flashing, you might have an issue with the way the image was added. Take a look at a couple of things:

1) That no animation is applied to the object within each state.

2) If no animation is applied and the issue persists, delete the object and rebuild it.

I've seen this happen in the past. It's always been one of these two things for me. Rebuilding the object usually fixes it. Sometimes this is user introduced. For example, I might copy and paste something from one state to another. Other times, it's flat out bugginess.

Tim Clark

Hi Steve!

Thanks for the advice, I tried rebuilding the image but it kept flashing.

In the end I I separated the images on to individual layers and had the slider either set the image state to normal or hidden depending on where it was positioned.

Might seem like a sloppy work around but it works fine now!