Slides advancing on incorrect quiz answers

Jul 02, 2018

I fixed a previous issue I had with this by removing several triggers that I didn't need but have a few slides that still advance when the user selects the wrong answer.  Particularly slides 4.8, 5.10 and 13.17.  Does anyone have any thoughts?  I'm getting desperate!

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Anji Heath

Hi Jeffrey,

This was a pretty big deck so I didn't test this, but have you tried this combination of triggers? It looked like SL didn't know what to do when the user clicked False. That could be why it was advancing when you didn't want to. Also, I did adjust the triggers for when "true" was selected. Hope this works for slide 4.8 anyway. 

I updated the screen shot because I saw a mistake in the first one I loaded. Sorry about that!

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