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We are piloting the courses I am developing within my company and we often get feedback from colleagues around the world that certain slides do not work the way I built them ( the way they are supposed to work) depending on which browser is being used. My first question would be regarding this: which browser I should recommend to my learners to use? My second question is  regarding two slides I built that work completely fine when I preview them as well as when I publish them in Scorm Cloud using Chrome, but do not work at all in neither IE nor Edge. However, to make things even more complicated they do no work to my colleague in Chrome either. I have attached the file containing both slides, and would like to understand if rebuilding the slide in a different way would help at all or what shall I do? I am really frustrated because I do not know what I should try to make them work after publishing. 

Thank you in advance!


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Trina Rimmer

Hi Gabriella. Sorting out which browsers your learners are using can definitely be frustrating—especially when everyone's globally distributed! I can definitely feel your pain there. I think that getting everyone viewing content on the same browser would be ideal in your situation, just to reduce some variables when problems are reported. You may also want to encourage your users to make sure they're installing browsers updates, as well. It's amazing the difference a missed browser update can make.

While I can't really recommend a specific browser, you may find these system requirements helpful both for narrowing down a recommendation of your own and for troubleshooting your project. We've also got this handy project troubleshooting checklist you may want to reference for narrowing down reported issues.

I opened up your project file in Storyline 360 and found that it worked well for me in Preview. I also published it to Review 360 and viewed your project in Chrome without issue. 

Gabriella Balint

Hi Trina,

Thank you for your reply!

I have further investigated the issue and what is happening basically is that the user needs to click outside the numeric entry field before clicking the Calculate/ Submit button in order to get the value to register in Internet Explorer and Edge. This is a known issue for Articulate, but used to be happening with mobiles/ Ipads not on PCs. The slides work fine in Chrome without the additional click.

Would you be able to help me resolve this issue?

Thank you in advance,