SLK - Sharepoint Learning Kit

Hi all,

I have sucessfully uploaded many quizes to my sharepoint library and my learners can review these and e-mail me the results.

I have recently installed the LMS part of sharepoint and I am having trouble getting it to work - does anyone use the SLK currently?

The specific problem I have is that i am assigning the quiz .html to the learner and when the learner tries to take this assesment it navigates to a page that cant be displayed.

I have also seen that you may need to upload the quiz as a .zip file but when I do that and assign the .zip file to the learner they just see 20 files and dont know which one to choose!

Can anyone help me please?

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Ron Price

I have very little experience with the SharePoint SLK -  But, from what I have experimented with in training situations, the learning Kit process is different than the normal sharepoint process.  The most flawless process I have seen with the SLK is to publish the file and zip it.  The process of  uploading it to the SLK should extract the file properly - much like an LMS. Then you should be able to access the quiz.

Louise Greenhoff

Hi Ron, thanks for getting back to me. I have uploaded a sample zip file that came with the SLK installation (the solitaire zip file) and this works fine. When I try and follow the same process with my quizmaker zip file - published to LMS scorm 2004 the learner is taken to the download file options e.g. Do you want to open, save or cancel this file. Does anyone one know why this is working for the test file but not for the articulate one?

I have attached both zip files here

Louise Greenhoff

I have it working now! Thanks for your help, it appears I was manually zipping the quizmaker output folder rather than using the zip feature after pulishing to LMS.

Once I did this and then uploaded to shared documents using the browse feature instead of internet explorer it worked perfectly...!!

Caprice Haywood

Hi All,

I was reading through some of these threads and was wondering is someone could offer advice or point me in the right direction.  I'm currently looking or options to capture student data once test scores have been captured in Quizmaker.  Quizzes will either be stored on our SharePoint site or in BPOS.  I'm aware of how to capture quiz scores from Articulate, but if I'm not mistaken there is no way to store data?

Louise Greenhoff

Hi Caprice,

I used to use the SLK to track scorm modules and I can see the scores for each learner. I never could find an option to download the scores, I used to copy and paste them into an Excel file. Here are screen shots of the results using the SLK.

Another feature I felt it lacks was the ability to drill down into the response of the learner, I would have to go a view each learners quiz to see how they responded.


Caprice Haywood


Thank you for your response. In your first screen shot I noticed that you have an L & D data base in your Quick Links.  Can you tell me exactly what you're using it for and how you use it?  I'm currently using an LXR data base to house exams, scores, student info, etc… I'm trying to move away from that and move all exams to SharePoint or BPOS. I can get test scores from Articulate, but the output doesn't feed anywhere and I'm looking for a solution which is why I thought SLK might be a viable option.


Louise Greenhoff

Hi Caprice, The L&D Database is a custom list I created in Sharepoint where employees manually add in learning credits they have gained by attending training sessions or undertaking e-learning. The Database is not linked to the SLK.

I didnt find a way to feed the output from the SLK to a database, and copy and paste into Excel was far too basic!

My IT guys did tell me that they could "replicate the SLK database??" and query it using SQL, but that's not something we did in our business. In fact, we have stopped using the SLK and use Moodle now instead.

Thanks, Louise