Slot Machine Game - Run for Your Bunny - Original built in Storyline 360

I built this over the course of 4-5 days using Storyline 360.

First I built the graphics in PowerPoint.  I used states to change the pictures.  I was trying to do a traditional downward scroll but the triggers seemed to be to complex.  I settled with the current interaction.

Run for Your Bunny

I originally had 10 different characters to put on the wheel.  The triggers got so overwhelming that Storyline was not doing the calculations properly, so I started again.

After much experimentation I found that 4 characters on the wheel for 3 lines and 5 columns was sufficiently entertaining.

My next challenge came with WILDS.  I really wanted to use them, but the targets became too complex again.

So my lesson learned is about scope.  You can create a fun game, with great interaction, sound fx, animation which is engaging   The key is to limit your scope.

Sound FX are from

I will provide a blog post later with more details.




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