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Hi All!

I'm new around here and to Articulate and I have some questions for the community:

  1. what it the best way of adapting a powerpoint Smart Art to an interactive, clickable basis for an Engage interaction? Do I have to convert it into a flash format or is there a smart workaround?
  2. Is it possible to use a presentation in Articulate and keep it clickable, or would I have to import it as a movie and have it run in the background?


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Bruce Graham

Hi Kate, and welcome aboard the good ship "Heroes".

Not sure about best way to achieve 1, but you could just save the SmartArt as a .png file, then bring it into Engage Labelled Graphic interaction. You cannot simply "create" a new Engage interaction per se, (you can, but no simple...), but you can use SmartArt this way.

For 2. yes it is possible.

I have not yet tried it, but have a look at

It is a question I asked a while ago, and believe it is completely possible.

Good luck.


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