Apr 06, 2011

Does anyone use SmartBuilder in conjunction with Articulate?  Is it useful for adding "mouse-overs", branching, and other Flash based effects within an Articulate lesson?  How difficult is the learning curve?

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Andrew Cate

Hi Curtis,

I have begun using SmartBuilder in this capacity with Articulate.  I have created several SmartBuilder interactions and added them into Articulate presentations as web objects.

SmartBuilder has a number of pre-created templates, some of which may fit for your application.  They have two different variations of the mouse-over and many different applications of branching.

I mention the templates first because it can take a bit of time to get used to creating these interactions on your own.  If I had to guess, I would say that with a template, you're looking at several hours of work to customize it to your liking.  From scratch, it may take a couple days to make your first interaction with the look and functionality that you want.  I found that with some practice, I can do many, many things with SmartBuilder that can't be done in Articulate alone.

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