Smartphone Texting Interaction to Collect Data with Variables

Smartphone Text Simulation

Hello my fellow heroes! 

Recently I built an interaction that simulates texting with an on-screen character name Katie.  This sample is fairly simple and quick as it's only a demo asking for the user's name and storing it on a %name% variable.   However, you can probably see the potential for this to become a medium to engage and survey the learner and collect the answers on multiple variables.


Here's the interaction.

I'm providing the .story file as well but, the following is a quick description on how it was built.

  1. The base layer has the two initial texts sent by Katie and the text entry box used by the learner to type their name. Then, a second layer shows Katie response with whatever the %name% variable holds. 
  2. The Send button comes up after the user clicks the entry box but, this button is just for show because all animations after that are triggered by the Text Entry losing focus.
  3. I used a layer because the text bubbles are moved with animation paths. Using layers makes way easier to manage while aligning the paths, the shapes and the timing.

I think in terms of ideas this interaction can be a good opener for courses and to mimic a conversation with your course characters in the context of today's learner habits. 

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