Social Engineering Training Ideas

Apr 04, 2022

Hi community!

I have been asked by my company to provide a training on social engineering for our medical practice. The context is that since we are a famous gender health center and focus on the trans community, we sometimes get deceptive calls from clandestine individuals with malicious intent. For example, someone posed as a news rep wanting to do a story on our lead surgeon and made it through several of our employees before we realized they were only trying to solicit sensitive information or record him while interviewing. Thankfully, this was spotted in time before it got to our surgeon, but it should not have made it through any level of the org. 

I have only heard this referred to as "social engineering" or "deception training." I need to develop a training on how to safeguard against this sort of thing from happening again in the past, but I cannot seem to find a resource that would fit the topic. It is not necessarily cyber security, but rather some sort of information harvesting over the phone. If anyone has a template or example that might be a good starting point, please let me know. I am well versed in all Articulate tools. I would be eternally grateful!



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