Software as a Service

Hello Articulate,

I was just curious to know if there has been any thoughts/discussion/plans to offer your great software as a "Software as a Service" (SaaS)? As I'm sure you're aware of Adobe's push with Creative Cloud (which I am a very happy member of), it allows users to subscribe to the software for a monthly free, rather than purchasing it. This has many benefits for the user (open access to all titles & access to new versions).

I bring this up only because the cost of your software is not cheap. I'm sure many people here can realate to me on this...we have access to the software at work, but would like to break into the world of doing freelance work. For me, right now, I simply can't afford $1300+ for Articulate Studio and another $1300+ for Storyline (and that's with the discounts!).

So, it's just a thought for you guys...I think there are a lot of us who'd really jump on this if it were available. Thoughts?


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Andrew Dunn

A big issue for me, working in healthcare in Canada, is updates. I don't have administer privileges on my workstation, and so I can't install updates without a lengthy wait for our IT guys. If it was SaaS, I would just need to login from any device (including Macs!). It's definitely something that Articulate needs to consider - maybe pair SaaS with an Articulate Online account to streamline course creation, publishing and hosting?