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Training Team

Hello Brenda! Thanks for asking. I'm not sure that I can share the file with you since it has to do with Avionte Staffing Software; However I'm in contact with a customer support engineer from Articulate 360 and also working with our network engineer to fix the problem at this time. 

Have a great weekend! 

Training Team

Hello Bianca,

I'm sorry to bug you again; However, Phil Raymundo the engineer who was assigned to our case # Case Number: 02986901
Reference ID: ref:_00D30Txo._5004y1k9nvU:ref is no longer responding to our emails once he was made aware that our IT Team was unable to extract the file he requested before coming in to help.

HI Nina,

Thank you for working on this issue with me. With your permission, I'd like to review the Articulate and system logs from your computer to find out what's happening. I'll delete them when I'm done troubleshooting. Here's how you can upload your log files to me privately:

1) Download and extract this zip file on your computer: https://cdn.articulate.com/assets/kb/sl3/SupportCollect.zip

2) Right-click SupportCollect.exe and select "Run as administrator." If you see a Windows Defender SmartScreen message, click "More info" and choose "Run anyway." It should only take a minute to complete.

3) You'll see a new file called SupportInfo.zip on your desktop. Upload that file here: https://www.articulate.com/support/upload/case?ref:_00D30Txo._5004y1jca2K:ref

Here's a quick video demonstration of the process above: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/78f3521e-d487-463b-89c3-6e377df9f3be/review

I'll review your log files and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Take care and keep safe!

Best regards,

Phil Raymundo
Customer Support Engineer
Articulate Support https://articulate.com/support/

Is there a way for someone to help us at this time?

Thanks, Bianca,

Nina Harvey


Steve Gannon

Hi Nina,

I may be misunderstanding the problem you're experiencing but it sounds like you're wanting to show a step by step screencast and the last step is not completing. If that's the case, it's likely that you need to use Action Fine Tuning to expand the timing of the last animation. You can try this:

1. Right-click on the screencast.
2. Select "Action Fine Tuning."
3. Beneath the lower left of the screencast display, select the "Update End Frame" radio button.
4. Press the "Next Frame" button repeatedly until you see the end of your screencast.

Steve Gannon

Yes, that's the way to handle that. Since step by step mode only shows each step (in most cases, a "click" event), it makes sense that the recording of the last step in the screencast would end shortly after the last action. Unfortunately, the actual system being recorded often takes several more seconds to update the display after the last action taken but Storyline's Record Screen feature doesn't capture those extra seconds. I find I use Action Fine Tuning as the norm, rather than the exception, when presenting step by step slides.

Anyway, glad you're all set! 

Training Team

I also wanted to add that apparently Phil's emails were going to my Junk Email and I had no idea until it was brought to my attention that he was in fact communicating with me so I sent him my apologies with a screenshot of his emails in my Junk Email Box. See attachment.