Software Simulation Advice

I am seeking some advice on the best strategy for creating a course for a unique software package.

The software is very interactive. Users can draw, create, measure, and do many other actions that aren't necessarily tied to a device input event (Click, right-click, typing, etc.) because they are dragging out lines or clicking and holding down, etc. Think PowerPoint for reference. Screen recordings in Try Mode can show these things happening, but often without letting the user interact with the simulation in an authentic way.

I want to make sure the users have the most faithful experience possible to what they will be having with the  software. Any suggestions? 

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Bob S

A demo account/site?

Seriously.  Sounds like a very cool piece of software, but trying to replicate that in another tool and do it justice, might be problematic.  I would consider exploring the idea of either a trial account and/or sand-box type site where folks can play.  Then you can link your course to either.

Hope this helps.