Software Simulation Feature in Storyline

Hi All,

Several of us are very interested in finding out more about the software simulation feature that is available with Storyline.  If you have experience with this feature, would you mind sharing it with us?  What are its limitations and capabilities?  Could you share a screen recording simulation on this thread?  Do you have any experience and examples with complex simulations?  What are some of the main points to keep in mind when developing these complex simulations?  I look forward to your replies.  Thanks!

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Helena, thanks for starting the thread. I'm now subscribed

I'm copying here some comments I made when you'd originally asked a question about this on another thread. I'd like to know if others have had the same experience. And, looking forward to all comments.

Posted Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 10:19 AM  

Hi Helena,

... I HAVE played around with the software simulation feature. In fact, spent a good deal of time checking it out during a long car ride yesterday. I've NOT needed to use it yet on a project.

There's a lot I like about it, but I also am thinking, based on these trials, that I'd need to do a fair amount of editing to it. Some examples:

  • Action fine tuning to take away frames that I don't want in the recording
  • Manual fine tuning of hotspot squares for better sizing and positioning
  • Manual fine tuning of the "tips" and menu list for more appropriate wording

Those are a few I remember off the top of my head from yesterday.

[in response to Helena's question about Camtasia] I also LOVE Camtasia (I know this is an Articulate thread...but there you have it :-)). I need to have both to keep all clients happy. And the new Camtasia 8 is REALLY cool. So, IMHO, yes, it's worth having both. And the TechSmith products are so reasonably priced that even for a small contractor like me it's an easy decision.

Thanks for the dialog!

Patti Bryant


This is not exactly what you asked for and you may have already seen it, but just in case you (or others) haven't seen it, one of my favorite software simulation courses built in Storyline is a Sales Orientation built by ThinkingKap Learning Solutions Inc. You can view it here.

I like how they have the objectives clearly listed and learners can go step by step through those objectives. It's nearly an individualized training because they've used different modes of the software simulation capability built into Storyline to allow learners to ask for hints, demonstrate the step, or do it themselves.

I hope this helps!

Keepin' the joy,


Leah Hemeon

Hi all, 

I've been using the recording options quite a bit in the last two weeks. I can't share my project or screencasts (NDA) but I can share two limitations I'm struggling with. 

The first is editing. I find I have to export the videos and edit elsewhere which takes extra time. It's a little easier when I'm using the screens only and not animation/full video but I still see this as a limitation. For example, I have to remove some sensitive data from the screens and I can't do that inside Storyline. I've ended up importing screenshots in some cases instead of using the recording features.

Since we're talking about software recording you have to think about what you do when all you can record is the beta version of the software and screens change. I can't just swap in a new screenshot when something changes. I have to re-record the entire thing again. I don't have the luxury of using the final software so again, I'm ending up building using individual screens rather than recording an entire scene using the built-in recording.

I do love the screen recording for software when it's something straightforward though. I like that I can record a quick screencast, use it for the "teaching" part of the course and then insert it again for the "demo" or "quiz" part of the course. Much easier to re-use content that way.

Leah Hemeon

Oh - I also don't like that I can't reduce the screen capture size after recording without losing image clarity (it goes fuzzy). I read somewhere else in the forums that someone recommends exporting, changing the size, and re-importing. I just don't like the extra step. I try to record the screen at the proper size to begin with but my screen isn't 720x540 by default and not all software looks good in those dimensions.

Pam Schaw

I use Storyline for software simulations quite often. I like it a lot but there are a few things that it would be nice to tweak.

-Function and Ctrl shortcuts don't work.  The browser keeps control of those keystrokes.  Other simulation programs get around this somehow.

-I haven't found a way to control the default caption formatting. I have to change every single caption.  Basically I would like more control over how the various simulation elements are created.

Also, I export the video and edit it in Camtasia, then pull it back in to Storyline for the demo portions of my training.  

Natalia Mueller

Hi Zuber,

You can create a simulation effect by putting hotspots over the areas the user should click. Add a trigger to the hotspot to take them to the next screen. If there are screens for the user to input text you can overlay a text entry field. It's a manual process but definitely possible. 

Alexander Salas

Zuber, I've created simulations with just screenshots. You can contact me through LinkedIn or Twitter @Stylelearn to collaborate on this.

Hi Helena,

You had some great responses here.  The ultimate effect of software simulations is to offer a hands-on approach.  In Storyline as well as other software you can create a View mode (only to look at), a Try mode (the user interacts with feedback) and a Test mode (user interacts with no feedback).

The main tips I have for you is to match recording screen resolution with target screen resolution.  I would also stay away from a View mode since you can present to and engage the learner in one step versus two.

Nitesh Jain

Hi All,

I have a query regarding the slider. If we record or create software simulations through hotspots on screenshots, the simulation divides in multiple slides. My concern is that every slides has its own slider. It looks very odd when user clicks on any hotspot and slider play.

Is there anyway that we can keep a single slider for whole project or scene (with multiple slides)?