Software Simulation: Zoom in Effect

Jun 16, 2011

Hi, there

I lately saw a lot of software simulations (step-by-step tutorial on a software) that use "Zoom In" effect. This works really well when we want to show only the details of a part of the screen, after the entire screen is explained.

What are the applications/eLearning Tools that can enable this Zoom In effect automatically?

Thanks for your insights...

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David Anderson

Hi JW!

Here are some good resources for doing what you're looking for.

Joe Deegan has a post and some screencasts on creating zooming software sims:

Motion Path example forum thread:

Combination of Joe's technique and perspective effects:

Jenny Wang

Hi David

Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful resources. I really like the combination of Motion Path and Grow/Shrink effect. I will try to apply it in the software simulation.

The only thing that may not be "perfect" in software simulation is that: When using Grow/Shrink effect, the original screenshot is grown. This makes the image blurry. Is there anyway to improve this?

Thanks again! This is very helpful!

Adam Hopkins

Hi Helena,

I use it for software training, when you need to show a close up of a menu item, or anything else on the screen. It works better than a full screen shot as you can get in really close. it's great! I'll zoom in, and then do a print screen of that image. Works much better than trying to manipulate the image after you've taken a  full screen shot.

I also use it during WebEx training sessions for the same purposes. The end users like it a lot because the WebEx sharing screen is typically smaller than the actual computer screen. This allows the users to see exactly what you are trying to show them.

I also enjoy the ability to annotate directly on the screen.

This little program has tons of uses.

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