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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to come up with a design for a new system that has many scenarios. It is for different loan products, personal, developmental, vehicle etc. It gets a bit tricky as choosing one option on screen A, would lead to different outcomes on screen D and so forth. Of course it would become a bit tedious to take the learner through every single variation. We concluded that we would run through 2 full process end to end, and thereafter show variations/alternate scenarios..if you had chosen option X then this would happen on screen X and highlight only the relevant screen.

I would appreciate any ideas on how I could set up a menu that caters for variations, or an overview design template that gives the learner a birds eye view of where they are in the process. I am aiming to make it as least complicated and streamlined as possible given the depth of the training. The current menu I have is very linear and similar to the scroll of death. 

Thanking you for your help in advance.

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Jessica,

Wow that sounds complex! I think the idea to just run through 1 or 2 scenarios from end to end makes sense here.

For the rest, have you thought about just creating a job aid that lays out the specificities of each scenario? It sounds like they don't necessarily need to memorize this information, and that way they can refer to it when they need it. 

Jessica Sundarlal

Hey Allison,

Thanks, your suggestion makes sense however e-learning was sold to the client and I'm not in a position to change that. 

I've  since started grouping or creating mini scenarios that the learner can access on the menu - once they have completed the full process. It is rather tedious though, and my turn out to be a much longer learning experience than expected.