Software to write simulations

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone can suggest a good tool to create simulations for CRM/ERP applications.

I was looking for one which captures notes or text of the step in a call out while recording the step.

Someone suggested  RWD InfoPak which captures the text while recording the simulation but it is very expensive

Can anyone please suggest a similar tool which is not expensive and  allows to record the screen together with text or instructions in a call out, pretty much like infoPAK.



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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Amanda, I'm not familiar with infoPAK, but have you taken a look at the screen recording/simulation features in Articulate Storyline? When you make a screen recording and then insert it as Step-by-Step Slides with View Mode Steps (where the learner  views the process as each step is performed), you can choose to insert the screen recording with captions that indicate what the learner needs to type for each step. Or, if you insert the video as Try Mode Steps (where the learner needs to perform the steps themselves), you can choose to include Hint captions which guide the learner through each step - such as where to click, what to type, etc. 

You can get a free 30-day trial here:

The screen recording tutorials begin here:

Rebecca Hay

Hi Amanda,

I have created simulation scenarios for ERP applications. that was a few years ago before Storyline. I can tell you that if I were doing it today, I would use Storyline--no question about it. Storyline does everything plus a gazillion more than the screen recording tool that I used back then. Good luck.

Steve Flowers

Not familiar with the features of InfoPak but there are lots of software packages available that will provide software simulation features. Storyline is among them and does a great job.

Give Storyline a spin, you might find that it meets your needs perfectly and more.  It's best to try the software out against a test case and compare for yourself against other tools. You might also want to test:

  • Viewletbuilder from Qarbon (Used VB a few years ago and loved it - but it's a little limited and flat. The style of the tool hasn't changed in 10 years)
  • Captivate from Adobe (Never found love for Captivate's workflow / UI - I usually avoid it but there's a new version out)
  • Camtasia (doesn't do simulations but it's a great capture tool)

There are others but these are the tools that jump to mind. 

I would also caution against comparing tools on initial cost alone. Cost is one factor. But initial cost savings can easily be destroyed in the first week of use if a tool doesn't do what you want it to do or takes longer to accomplish the same tasks as one that costs more.

You'll know when you've found the right tool once you've experienced multiple tools. Pretty sure when you weigh all of the factors, you'll find Storyline will tell a story of great value, power, and learning curve. But you won't know that until you try and compare for yourself