Solution to enable the learner to record their own voice.

Hi, my name is Joe. I'm looking for a solution to enable the learner to record their voice within the e-learning title? I’m building a customer service course on “Improving Your Voice Inflection.” The learner would click a record button on the page and using a microphone, read the on screen phrase. When done they would play it back for them to hear.

Any ideas and has anyone done this before? I work in a call center and something I get asked to design. This time the center is looking for something online.

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Joe, I created a simple example a while ago but can't find the original post so I've attached the story file.

All I did was insert a widget that I found at It enables users to record and playback their voice. It is a little limited in that you can't save the recording and I don't think you can modify how the player looks but hopefully it will serve your purposes.

Here is the link to the vocaroo site.

All you have to do to get this to work is copy the embed code for using vocaroo on your site.

Then in Storyline use the insert video from website option and paste the code into the area where is says to insert the link.