Some honest feedback on an Articulate project

Hello folks.  I was hoping that perhaps someoneone with some experience in Articulate would be willing to look at a project I am currently working on.  I am fairly new at this and this would be my first major Articulate project, so naturally  I am rather nervious about my boss looking at it.  It was a Powerpoint presentation that was used in a seminar which is being turned into an online course.  I am reluctant to simply post it publicly, but I could e-mail it to a specific person via Yousendit.  Any takers?

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Phil Mayor

Hi Wilson

I thought it best to put my comments here instead of sending as a private message.

I like the player and the overall look and feel,

I would change the heading font, and get rid of the drop shadow, Some headins have semi colons and others don't is this intended, also thier is an indent from the head to the text below, it would look better left aligned

Slide 4 some of the bullet have fullstops at the end and others don't

Slide 13/14 it keeps freezing at slide 13/14 transition looks like the player is locked and I cannot get any further.  If I use the menu to get past this point only certain slides will load, I cannot get any quizes to load.

I much prefer the format of section 2 more interactive

On slide 33 the fade out number 3 has a different look and a drop shadow, I don't like the fade out as if I looked away and back, I need to strain to read the text

The picture on slide 35 is too small you could use  Jeanettes click to enlarge effect here

again on slide 37 the option to enlarge would be good, and again 38.

In contrast in alot of your engage intereactions you have zoom enabled on the pictures I dont think this adds anything. I would also remove the volume control on all the engage interactions

Slide 63 do you really want that black border on the image

Slide 57 onwards (the leaves)  would work better in a labelled graphic engage as you could keep track of where you were easier

Overall it looks good, I would try to move a bit away from the powerpoint look and feel (bullets and numbers) presentation zen (Garr Reynolds and Duarte books are good to give examples how to do this, also the non designers design book gives exaples on aligning objects)

Slide 78 you could change this to track what you have viewed so if you click on one, when you return if fades (change to b&w would look good) out the one you viewed and the only clickable one is the one you did not view, its more work as you need to duplicate and set branching, hidden slides etc

I think after this point it just turns into bulletted slides and is a bit boring.

I would shrink your menu down using levels

Ocverall its a good starting point, I could not test your quizes because they would not load at all.  Its awful having your work disected but I think it is best to be honest, I can see you have put a lot of tije and effort into this so well done

Hope this helps


I am happy to review it again if you want

Wilson Santiago

Thanks Phil, I really appreciate your feedback!  I wanted someone to be very critical, so don't worry about any hurt feelings.  Not sure why the Engage interactions are not working.  I tested them all last wek and all functioned fine, so I best go back and check them again.  I do realize that at some points it does get rather dry, but the content is important and needs to remain.  Trust me, it has come a long way from the original 230 slides!   I will examine each point you made and make adjustments/changes as neccessary.  Once gain, many thanks!

Phil Mayor

Hi Wilson

Thanks, I think you have something wrong at slide 13/14 check if the slide is locked, I could not progress past there, I had to reload and use the menu.

Most of the engages worked, none of the quizes would work, As my martial arts instructor says

Keep Going: Ganbatte

Its worth it


Wilson Santiago


Phil Mayor said:

Hi Wilson

Thanks, I think you have something wrong at slide 13/14 check if the slide is locked, I could not progress past there, I had to reload and use the menu.

I am not sure what is happening there. I tried it out and there was no problem between slides 13 and 14. I used the exact copy I sent you to test it with. Strange...