Speaking at DevLearn - any suggestions?

Would love to know if anyone else has spoken at DevLearn or is slated to speak this year! I'm finalizing my talking points for my concurrent session and I want to make sure I can draw (and keep!) an audience. I'm also curious to know if anyone else is speaking and what topics you're presenting, or if anyone has tips for getting the most out of attending the conference. 

Some general questions that I have:

What types of sessions are most interesting to you/most memorable?

What keeps your attention in the session (ex: takeaways, video, Q&A)? 

In your experience what are some can't-miss events/activities at DevLearn? 

Here's a link to my session.


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David Anderson

Congrats on your session, Leigh.

I've always found that people love to look at examples. The more examples you can show, the more responsive your audience will likely be. 

That said, the DevLearn crowd is one of the friendliest and supportive groups you'll find. Good luck! If you have time, please stop by our booth to let us know how your session went.

Mohammad  Hassam

Congrats Leigh!

I wish you all the best for your workshop and I completely understand your nervousness because I am also presenting, not in Devlearn but in Harvard university. 

Three best ways to start your presentation: 

1st - Storytelling 

2nd - Facto Statement - Facts that amaze/shock your audience

3rd - Start your presentation with a question.

Hope it Helps!

Good Luck

William Carpenter

1. Transfer of Learning - How can they take what they learn and apply it. Bring credible real examples. This always engages the audience, because you are speaking to their tasks/needs. Follow Up with a Q&A at the end because people may want to more in depth on a point you may have brought across.

Tim Slade

Hi, Leigh! 

I'll be there presenting as well. I presented there last year as well. My first suggestion would be to be yourself! Make it feel like you're having a conversation with your audience. Tell stories and give real-life examples from your experience. 

Don't let the size of the conference and the amount of experienced people intimidate you. Most people are first-time attendees. 

You'll be fine! By the way, when is your session? I'd love to attend. I'll be presenting on user-interface design for e-learning. 

P.S., I'm trying to put together an Articulate Happy Hour Wednesday evening. If you're interested, let me know here: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/building-better-courses/are-you-attending-devlearn-2015

See you at DevLearn!

Leigh S

Thanks Tim! We will be presenting from 3-4pm on Thursday. I've just cooked up an infographic takeaway with concrete tips from our lessons learned on developing for flipped classroom, and we will be showing videos we created for the course in the session.

Your session sounds great! I've added it to my schedule, see you there!