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Just thought i would put out there the question what specification of computer/laptop are you using to create storyline projects?

I work on a laptop supplied by work and saving and opening is so slow, its been voiced i need a better spec machine, but what i'm wondering is what should i ask for to improve functionality in particular to improve opening and saving times?

Do any of you out there have high spec machines that do the business or do you all suffer with slow open and save times?

Any advice would be great so i can go to IT with a wish list.



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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Rachel,

As a rule of thumb, the higher the specs are, the better your Storyline experience will be. Most laptops aren't usually THAT good for this kind of work, IMHO.

Using fast disks and RAM generally gives you better I/O performance. But IMHO, knowing the "limits" of your computer in relation to Storyline can also improve your experience.

For example : I had a course where I HAD to use about 1000+ variables on about 150 question slides - I had to develop one and duplicate it. After reaching slide 70 I noticed very slow performance (which was understandable because there's a lot of work done by Storyline in the background during copying & pasting). I opened up Task Manager and noticed the footprint was about 2,5 GB (on a computer with 4 GB of RAM). Copying that one slide took about 30 minutes (which was Storyline's way of telling me to "back off" with the duplication, I guess. When I closed and reopened the story the footprint was only 300 MB and for every duplication it went up in increments of roughly another 300. From those numbers I knew I could do about 5-6 duplications until i was close to 2.5GB which was my limit.

What I am trying to say is, if you can find your own computer's limit, you'll be able to calculate when "enough is enough" for Storyline, and this might make things a little easier.

Hope this helps,

Nicole Legault

Hey Rachel, 

You've probably already seen this official list of System Requirements for Articulate Software, but I'll also just quickly share my personal experience... I used to have a not-so-great HP I3 (intel-3 chip) laptop, which was veryyyy slow and which made working in Storyline a slow procress. Since I've started working for Articulate, I knew I couldn't continue on in those conditions, so I bought an Asus with an I5 chip, which is wayyy faster and works super quickly in Articulate. I'm very pleased and have noticed a definite improvement in speed for launching software, previewing, publishing, etc. From what I've heard, an I-5 chip computer can really boost your Storyline experience, so I'm very curious to know what your current laptop has...

Hope you'll share with the community what you ended up choosing and how you like it! =)