Spinning circle

Nov 29, 2016

My current contract specifies no Flash whatsoever.  Is there a way to make a circle spin clockwise on a slide while objects enter the slide using the Animation enter feature?  If not,  I will make it in AE with requested animation of spinning circle and fly in objects then export as MP4 and embed on page.  Avoiding video would be better though.


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Lu Post

You can easily do this by putting a circle on a layer and adding a wheel animation with a duration of 1 second (you can set less duration to go faster). Then add a trigger on the base layer to show the circle layer when the timeline begins. On the circle layer, add a trigger that says hide layer (this layer) when timeline ends, and then immediately below that trigger, add another one that says show layer (this layer) when the timeline ends. That causes a continual looping wheel effect.

Here's a demo

And the Storyline 360 file below

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