Splitting Storyline courses into pieces

Jan 30, 2018

Hi Community,

I was wondering could any of you share their experience how to split large eLearning projects into small pieces? More precisely, chopping projects made in Articulate Storyline (any version) into small sections. The problem I think about is all the connections between chapters and personalized features (e.g. avatars), what to do with them? Do we "de-personalize" our content if needed to split the project in pieces? I have big projects with a lot of chapters, and now these chapters need to be stand-alone content chunks (in pdf, word, etc.). This would require chopping content in Storyline and then extract it in pdf or word files. If anyone has a process advice for me, I would really appreciate it!

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Enes:

I don't think there's a magic bullet here. If you have elements spread throughout a course (a character who serves as a guide, a progress meter, and the like), you might have to cut those items.

It's pretty easy if you are converting Storyline to Word. You can publish out to Word, and then start formatting the content. 

Sounds like much of this content wasn't great fit for elearning to begin with? 

Enes Karahasanovic

Hi Daniel,

I am also opting for option of publishing first and then removing all the un-needed parts.

I would say content is very good as it is, but now we need to split it into smaller pieces. Our local LMS will soon provide us additional searching functions and we want to make the content from our courses searchable in LMS. This is the reason for trying to split everything down into nuggets.

Daniel Brigham

Enes: Thanks for that additional explanation. What exactly do you mean by
the option of "publishing first"? Like do you mean publish to Word first
and figure out how you can chunk up the content?

Modularizing content is generally a good thing, but there is a point where
content begins losing its context.

Enes Karahasanovic

Yes, I meant export to Word and then chunk the content. Wrong expression from my side :) our staff have to go throw the elearning courses as they are, but there is no chance that they will remember all details since content is very technical. So our intention is to enable our staff to get the information they need quickly, without browsing through the entire elearning again. The way we see it...is to try to have searchable elearning chunks ready to be read...in any format possible :/

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