Sports Coaching examples

Does anyone have any examples of e-learning designed around coaching for sports? 

I have been searching but haven't come across anything yet. 

The company I work for has a number of e-learning modules which are very heavily text and video based and I am looking for some examples to help the staff get the thought process going about how they could make them less text heavy, more interactive and engaging.

Thanks in advance

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Bob S

Hi Tristan,

Once wrote a simple (sales) coaching refresher module centered around top-ten tips. Ten famous sports coaches throughout history and their quotes, explore each of them to get a quick bio on that coach and their success, but most importantly to learn more about the tip the quote represented and how to employ it in sales coaching.

Tristan Hunt

Nicholas Ostheimer said:

A warm welcome to the E-Learning Heroes Community Tristan,

I'll have a look at well if there are any examples I can think of  for Sports Coaching eLearning.

Does your company focus on Sport Coaching or is that just a general example you want to show?


 Thanks Nicholas,

We are a national sporting association so we provide training for coaches and supervisors.

David Tait

Hi Tristan,

I know this is an old post that has been revived so apologies if it's no longer relevant.

We developed a number of sports coaching modules a few years ago. They were all Flash-based as they were built when Flash was still en-vogue!

We toy with the idea of re-building in Storyline on occasion but the cost of doing so currently outweighs the ROI we'd see.