Spot light interactions to explain an object using Storyline.

Hi Fellow Community Members,

I am new to this community but already have benefited a lot from the tips, tricks and demos shared here so often.

I have also started working with Storyline recently and wanted to share this interaction I created with all you guys.

It would be great to get some feedback here. 

Here is the interaction.



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David Anderson

Hi Carrie and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Great job on the spotlight effect and thanks for sharing your work. What would it look like if you dimmed the non-spotlight characters? Would it work if the light source was fixed and angled on the first and third characters?

Any chance we could persuade you to create a quick Screenr on how you put it together

Carrie Anderson

Hi David and Bruce,

An encouraging feedback from none other than 2 of the most respected people from the community feels really great.

@David I actually tried both your suggestions while making this, but somehow was not very happy with the way it looked, may be  I just needed to do it little differently.  

I would attempt to improvise for sure and post the screener / pdf with steps to build this as soon as I can (depending on how much my current, not so fast internet connection cooperates with me). It will be an absolute pleasure  



Jeanette Brooks

Carrie, your demo looks awesome!! Thanks for sharing! And I think the community will LOVE to see your screenr! Couple more thoughts: it might be fun to change the character's pose or expression when they are selected. And you could also use Storyline's shape effects to apply some fuzziness to the edges of the spotlight shape and maybe even a little bit of a gradient. I attached an example below. Thanks again for sharing such a neat idea!

Diana Myers

Great idea and execution, Carrie!  Thanks for posting and sharing your creativity - such a clean, simple interraction

I could also see having the character "come forward" a little when selected, and perhaps having the character's pose in the profile box be a straight-on view, rather than a copy of the current pose. 

Spotlight On Character.Story

Carrie, thanks again for the great inspiration!