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Jan 06, 2017


This is a simple example of the well known observation game. I manipulated the image using Photoshop and then used hotspots, triggers, correct object states, hover reveals and a single scoring variable to complete the task, all on a single slide with layers. In hindsight I should have added a zoom & pan capability as this particular illustration is only viewable on a large screen.

P.S. Sorry Mike Hall I didn't seek permission to use your beautiful illustration but hope the credit link to your site will attract work!

P.P.S. Let me know in the comments if you find all 11 differences without cheating!

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Sam Lincoln

Thanks Lewis. As well as my failure to include a zoom option, I have learned that it's also wise to include a guide to the age group/skill level that a game of this sort is aimed at. In this case I was creating a game to improve the observation skills of adults training to be surveillance operators! It was deliberately at the harder end of the spectrum.

Sam Lincoln

Hi Nick, thanks for letting me know. I wasn't aware of the hover flicker and cannot replicate it in Firefox or Chrome. The 'difference' hotspots are overlayed on a single hotspot which determines the subtraction calculations and I forgot to disable the 'hand' icon as I did with the difference hotspots. It may be that on some browsers this creates a flicker. I'll investigate further as it's quite a fundamental flaw!

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