Standard font and size for screen elements

I am interested to hear what font and size fellow designers use when developing their courses. We all know, at times, clients will have propriety fonts and requirements according to their branding guidelines. But that aside, what do you feel is the best design? Lately I have been using Proxima Nova Light/45 for titles and Proxima Nova/20 for instruction text. Some reviewers have stated that is too small. Thoughts?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Phil,

There is no standard. So much depends on what device is being used to view a project. On a desktop or laptop, those font sizes could seem big. But on a phone? Or for those with failing eyesight? Yeah, they could seem small. 

The nice thing about Rise is that it is responsive, so it adjusts the layout for the device, rather than just shrinking the screen size. In Storyline, it's helpful if you know what your audience will usually use. I would definitely design differently for mobile than laptop/desktop. When there will be a mix, you either have to provide alternate paths (same content, different look) or just design for mobile. After all, mobile's bigger text and wider spacing between clickable objects still works on a laptop or desktop (even though the sizes could seem huge).