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Oct 29, 2018

I am wanting to get people's opinion on this.  I am writing a series of elearning modules for a company.  They have only 3 colours in their corporate colour pallet.  Would you have all the modules with the same template (look and feel), or use a slightly different layout, but using their corporate colours.  

Thanks for any input in this one.

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James Washok

I tend to follow the same line of reasoning. Our company has its standard logo and the corporate color. All Modules relating to a specific topic (pilot training for example) have a standard template, incorporating the logo and color. Maintenance training has another template, but uses the logo/color. Corporate training/compliance training, ditto.

That way, the users know what "type" of training they are taking because all the similar topics are similar in look and operation, but each incorporates the companies color and logo (appropriately and to their standards).

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