Standard template for all courses?

I'm curious, when you are building training courses that will be part of blended learning for new hires who will be taking about 30 courses total over several you tend to stick to a template so every course feels and relatively looks the same? Or, do you have different themes for each course, but keep some consistencies such as buttons, icons, etc.? I'm not only wondering what you do, but what do you think learners would prefer?

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Elisabeth Rocha

I think consistency in branding is very important.  But I would also look at where it makes sense to add variances to the standard template.  i.e. Organization specific training/regulations vs. state/federal regulations and general training topics.

I think there is value to "mixing it up" and offering a variety of virtual learning environments as long as it still validates and strengthens your company brand.  

Nancy Woinoski

Variety is the spice of life. I can’t even image taking 30 courses that are all the same. However, it does save on development time if you use the same template and if your user-base is not tech savvy it is a good idea to offer some consistency in the User  interface - so consistent use of buttons and expected behaviours.