Start with Heart Game

Jan 15, 2015

Hello Community,

I would like the user to pick 3 out of 8 responses. When picking each response I would like a heart to empty. How can I do that all on one slide?Actually I will take any ideas or suggestions..

Then in a free form text, (2 to 3 items of text) the heart fills back up. I need the heart to be seen filling up and empting with each pick and free from statement.  

Greatly appreciate you all!



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Allison LaMotte

Hi Suzanne!

In this scenario, does it matter which of the 8 responses the learner chooses? Or do you want the heart to empty no matter which 3 responses they choose? 

I'm not clear on what you mean about the free-form text. Do you mean that you would like the learner to enter text in a text box? If so, is there a correct answer or should the heart fill up no matter what?

Thanks for clarifying!

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