Starting an eLearning Business and feeling overwhelmed!

Dear Community

I have recently started an eLearning company after graduating from columbia. While building content on storyline I have realized that my storyline products lack the professional finish of people with design skills. While that is ok for now and I may hire a designer eventually. I am wondering what are some of the best practices that you implement or resources that I can view to give articulate storyline products a degree of professional finish. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Jennifer Dixey

Hi Kayhan, general design skills will help you, even if they aren't specific to interactive learning. There are some great basic design books out there, like The Non-Designer's Design Book, that might be helpful for you. Aesthetic principles like white space, alignment, and typography, as well as some color theory, translate just fine to the screen. Of course there's a whole lot more to interaction design, but I'm guessing your program covered some of that. You can also learn a lot just by participating in design challenges and looking at some of the work posted here. Good luck!