State Changes are not working properly

Sep 21, 2016

Hi, I have checked other previous discussions but cant seem to find anything which relates to my issue.

I am trying to create a storyline to behave like the TV programme 'Blockbusters - which Bob Holness presented'.

So I have a series of octagons, and apart from the first vertical row, are all set to 'disabled' when the time line starts. During the course previews the octagons have the appearance of the normal state, but behave like the disabled state.

To check what was happening I coloured the font of two octagons to red on state change 'normal' - see below

normal states

Here is what a slide preview looks like:


So the font on the two octagons above should be the blue/green of the disabled state, not the red of the normal state.

The states behave as if they are disabled - if you click on them they dont jump to their prospective slide,  - but they do take on the appearance of their normal state. 

In addition when the user clicks on any of the first column octagons on the right hand side, the second column should change state to normal, and behave as normal. So that if the user clicks on them, they jump to the appropriate slide, and change to visited state. They just dont change state!

I am not sure how to resolve this : can any one help?

I am an undergraduate, and only work Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon - so if you reply any other day, it may take me a while to get back to you :)





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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lynn

haven't looked too closely at your file yet but a couple of things stand out.

You can set the initial state of the objects except the first row by using the states tab instead of having to create a trigger for each object.

Also for the built in SL states e.g. Visited you don't need to set a trigger to change the state of an object to Visited SL knows to do that automatically.  Sometimes triggering the built in state cause odd behaviour.

Lynn Steele

Hi Wendy, I just changed the font colour so that I could identify the bug.

I think I have solved it. I scrapped all my states, and recreated them. Disabled has the same design as normal, and visited with reverse design (ie blue/green background and white font). I then deleted all the 'change state' triggers, and used the SL State tabs as you suggested for initial state. Finally I created some new triggers for 'change state to normal' so that I could control the flow of information across the board. I had to reorganise triggers for each asset, moving the 'jump to' triggers below the change state triggers, as it didnt seem to work with 'jump to' ahead of change state. 

Thanks for your help - as it is working now - 

Many thanks once again

Lynn :)

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