Stick Figure Character Pack

Hey all,

I recently built a training module with scenarios in which I built my own stick figure characters in Adobe Illustrator to model the poses I wanted. It ended up working pretty well though the lack of animation capabilities in Storyline can be frustrating,

I wanted to pass this character set on to anyone who wants some FREE shwag (preview below and zip file attached with png images). Let me know what you think.


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Rutwin Geuverink

Hey Jesse, your stick figures are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

The lack of animation capabilities can indeed be very frustrating, and one has to become quite creative and has to spend extra time to come up with ways to add simple animations. (I really wish for an easy option to add motion-paths)

I recently found a website which makes adding a character with different emotions&poses really simple.

What I do is this:

  • Create a character-->create a strip using just 1 blank panel
  • Add your character to this panel and set the desired pose/emotions etc.
  • Use a snipping tool to copy your character to your pc-->make the background transparent.
All you need to do from here is to repeat the above steps for each of the character's poses/emotions. Add the character to your project and use states&triggers to change the poses/emotions.

Rutwin Geuverink


unfortunately they are down indeed. I hope the reason is really just to scale up their servers :( 

You can still create a first personal avatar to check out some of the functions, but this is a much slower process than I described previously. (and not really useful either since you won't have a white background)


 Thanks you like the idea! it's the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way I've found to create a personalized character. (that is when their "create" pages come back online)

I've never used their app, but here is their Facebook Page: