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May 08, 2017

eLearning Art or eLearning Brothers? I've used the latter before, but not the former. Is there a notable difference between the two despite the higher cost of EB?

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Bryan Jones

Hi Kimberly- Thanks for the question.

This is Bryan here from eLearningArt.

In my mind, this is kind of like asking “What’s better, Netflix or Hulu?”

I think there’s value in having both.

Here’s what I’d tell you about eLearningArt…

I come from a background of scenario and story-based eLearning. My focus has always been on the assets I’d like to use myself as an eLearning developer. That’s how I launched the company 8 years ago...3 characters for a custom photoshoot b/c I was frustrated with the lack of good stock for eLearning.

What does that mean about how I approach the library? Here are some quick thoughts…

1- Characters, characters, and more characters- My primary focus b/c characters are core to developing scenarios and stories. Backgrounds cutout, diversity (profession, ethnicity, age, gender, etc). Tons of poses and angles so you can build your own scenes. I add at least one new character to the library every week. Little known fact: I’ve actually directed every photoshoot myself :)

2- Matching Graphics- Graphics in matching styles (icons, illustrated styles, etc). I think the #1 difference between professional and beginner course design is mismatching graphics.

3- Template element design: In the past few years I’ve produced fewer tool-specific, full-course templates. I do still have layout & starter templates, but I’ve focused more on template elements (intro screens, scenario templates, conversation templates etc). I think it’s a better approach than saying “here’s a complete template… put your content into it.” Surprised a template vendor is telling you that?

In terms of cost, I try to keep it something that any eLearning developer can afford, even if you can’t get a budget approved at work. I’m able to keep the price low b/c the company is lean. You won’t see a huge team of eLearningArt employees at conference b/c I’m the only full-time employee!

I’m happy to answer any other questions.


Founder & President

Dianne  Hope

Hey Bryan - I have a subscription to your cutout characters - love it! 

I was wanting to know - with this subscription are there any restrictions on what I can do with these characters? I'm creating a series of Articulate Storyline templates and ELB will not allow me to use the cutout characters in my templates - whether I sell these products or give them away as freebies. Do you have the same restriction on your cutout characters?

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