Stop audio when returning to the slide

Aug 31, 2019

I'm sure this has come up before but I cannot find the discussion thread.

I have a slide that includes three triggers that jump to different slides. It also has an audio file. When the learner clicks on one of the three triggers before the audio is completed, the audio resumes where it left off.

What I need is to NOT resume the audio where it left off when the learner returns to the original page.

Looking forward to learning what I should do


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Mike

Create a true false variable default to false

add atrigger to change the variable to true when the Audio first plays  ( not sure if that is automatic or on user click - you could set it to change when media completes if you want the user to hear all the audio.

when the user returns to the slide have another trigger to stop audio when timeline starts on the slide on condition the variable is = true.

be careful of the trigger order - I put variable triggers at the top of the trigger panel - they must be before any show layer or jump to slide triggers.

hope that makes sense 

John Morris

I often have a slide on which I want the learner to listen to all of the audio before they continue, and then not hear the audio again when they return to the slide.

Make the default state for buttons that take the learner away from the page "Disabled."  Create a trigger for each that changes the state to "Normal" when the timeline ends.

Then open the Slide Properties for that slide and in the "When Revisiting" dropdown select "Resume Saved State."

The result will be:

The buttons to leave the page cannot be used until the audio stops
When returning to the slide the audio will not play again.

I actually use this a lot.  It has worked well for me and for my learners.

Katherine Reynolds

I've got two pieces of audio on a slide that I need people to return to. I can stop the first piece of audio when the timeline starts, but I can't seem to stop the second one from playing.

I've tried stopping it from the start of the timeline and from the time it's scheduled to start, but neither work. Can anyone see what I'm missing?

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