Stop button on the screen or tell direct them to push pause?


I was wondering what other people are doing in cases like this...I have a storyline project that has a review slide for some important information. I would like for them to be able to view the original discussion from the slide or have the option to just view the slide without audio. Should I build in a button to mute the audio or should I just have them use the pause button on the player? 


Just interested what others have done...Thanks! 

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Judy Nollet

Do you think most of the people will want to hear the audio or skip the audio? If it's truly "review" (i.e., not the first time they're seeing the info), I'd probably have the slide appear without the audio playing, and give the user the option to listen to it by clicking a button that starts the audio (e.g., that shows a blank layer with the audio). To me, that's better than having to mute or pause audio that's already playing.