Stop in August

Question: does your country stop its activity during August?

It still happens in Spain. It's true that some training companies want to have new courses prepared for September, but in general, most of the people have holidays during August, so the activity is drastically lowered during this month.

Just wanted to know if there's anything similar in your countries.

I'm happy for the opportunity of investing time in R&D, and also in enrolling in some new websites for instructional designers and elearning developers.


Belen Casado

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Bruce Graham

Yes, and no.

Yes - but if you project manage it correctly then you can have a busy month producing and no-one calls. The other side of that coin is that people tend to slow up paying, so you need to accrue and plan accordingly.

The other thing is that this becomes less relevant if you work internationally, as there's a slight offset of holidays.

Have a great August!