.story File Size problem (Storyline 2)


I've been given a Storyline 2 file (.story) to modify.  The original file size is 1,477,414KB (my poor computer struggles!).  It contains 2 scenes, and as the 2nd scene is not required I have deleted it. It did contain a few mp4 videos.  However, after saving it without the 2nd scene the file size is 1,477,171KB - not much smaller!

So, I went back to the original, deleted the 1st scene this time and resaved (so, just scene 2 in this one).  However, its file size is 1,476,083Kb

Original with 2 scenes: 1,477,414KB

Scene 1 only: 1,477,171KB

Scene 2 only: 1,476,083KB

Any idea why the file size has not reduced?

Thank you

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